Counter-Terrorism Bill – the proposals in a nutshell

By Dan Bunting Whatever else can be said about the war on terrorism, it has been hugely influential in the shaping of the law (statutory, common law and European). The latest proposal to come from the Coalition is a “Temporary Exclusion Order”, announced in the press in September. It was … [Read More...]

House Split

Cohabiting pitfalls: is it time the law caught up?

By Collette Bailey The law on relationship breakdown differs between couples who are cohabiting and married couples. Under English Law the concept of common-law wife/husband does not exist. If an unmarried couple live together in a property owned by both of them, they need to be careful to … [Read More...]

Miliband's senate

Is Miliband’s senate built on rocky foundations

James Hand Ed Miliband announced at the start of the month that “the House of Lords should be replaced with an elected Senate that properly represents the towns, cities, regions and nations that make up the United Kingdom”. This has come in for some arguably unfair criticism, not least for the … [Read More...]