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Defending public interest lawyers

by Steve Hynes After months of rumours that staff were leaving the firm and that its founder Phil Shiner was buckling under of the pressure, Public Interest Lawyers (PIL) has announced its … [Read More...]

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Drones: flightpath to the future?

by Joseph Dalby & Ruhi Sethi Drones are rapidly being seen as a feature of the near future, because of the dramatic rise in their private use in the UK. Suddenly, anyone can ‘get into’ … [Read More...]


Can we safeguard access to justice?

Halsbury’s Law Exchange today releases its state of the nation report on legal aid and litigants in person. Entitled “Can we safeguard access to Justice" this report is released in advance of the forthcoming Halsbury's Law Exchange Debate on 22nd September: The future of legal aid and litigants in … [Read More...]

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Brexit: are EU Citizens in limbo?

by Dan Bunting “Brexit means Brexit”, or so says our new Prime Minister. Sadly, it is almost certainly not as simple as that. The UK has voted for Brexit, but which Brexit? In mid August 2016 Gisela Stuart MP, one of the few Labour MPs who was in the ‘Leave’ camp, announced her concern that EU … [Read More...]

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Shocking injustices: the conviction of David Bryant

by Jon Robins “You are free to go. I am very sorry.” It was with these words that Lord Justice Leveson in the Court of Appeal quashed the conviction of David Bryant, a former fireman of seemingly impeccable character, for abusing a boy four decades earlier in a case that was based upon the … [Read More...]