Prince Andrew opens the UTC building, Swindon, Britain - 11 Dec 2014

Prince Andrew: the legal issues

By Dan Bunting If the UK press love a sex scandal and a good royal story, imagine what you get when you put the two together. This month the news broke that victims of Jeffrey Epstein, an American … [Read More...]

Ched Evans

Ched Evans: the legal issues

By Dan Bunting The "innocent man wrongly imprisoned who fights a valiant struggle to secure his freedom" is a long used trope in our culture. The hero is normally a sympathetic figure, heroically taking on the establishment. However much Ched Evans would like to see himself in that vein, he is … [Read More...]


Do we need a Royal Commission for penal policy?

By Lyndon Harris Recently Louis Blom-Cooper QC and Professor Sean McConville (QMUL) proposed that the next government set up a royal commission on prison policy. Calling the present system “dangerously dysfunctional”, a report published on 18 November  notes that, after almost 50 years since … [Read More...]