Our Vision:

Halsbury’s Law Exchange is a legal think tank, hosted by LexisNexis. It aims to communicate ideas on reform or legal direction to decision makers and the legal sector and promote debate through papers, reports, events and media pieces.

Although law constitutes the fabric of our society in the UK and reflects our norms, the principles that underpin our laws are seldom open to reasoned and informed debate that will change or shape legislation. Halsbury’s Law Exchange seeks to change this state of affairs. Through our legal white papers and current projects, it seeks to be a legal think tank in the true sense of the term; to debate the legal issues of the day without political or commercial agenda and to influence and prompt change.

One of the central planks of our philosophy to bring about this legal change is to open up a platform to offer you a voice; to encourage intelligent debate and nurture progressive thinking about the law and our legal system. We are therefore keen to know what you think; to share and exchange views in order to develop the spread of ideas. Do you think the law is behind the times? Do you think a particular law, or the application of it, is unfair and should be changed? If so, how? Let us know by commenting on our blog.

We want to be your bridge to the law makers and for you to be able to make a difference.

Our Mission:

‘Support the rule of law in the United Kingdom by promoting an effective legal framework

and stimulating public debate on major issues’.

Our Objectives:

i.    Examine the rule of law, the structure of the legal system and the development of the legal sector.

ii.  Contribute to the development of an efficient statutory framework.

iii. Comment on current legal issues that impact on society and put forward proposals to ensure the law is just.

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