Are counter terrorism laws interfering with freedom of the press?

A case of freedom of the press versus counter-terrorism laws? Peter Carter QC at Doughty Street Chambers, examines the police powers used to seize an investigative journalist’s laptop. A recent controversial movement saw police seizing the laptop of a BBC Newsnight journalist over correspondence with ISIS, using special powers under the Terrorism Act 2000 (TA […]

Criminal Courts Charge and the magistrates’ revolt

mental capacity act

Any person over the age of 18 who is convicted of a criminal offence after 15 April 2015 will find that they have to pay “relevant court costs” (or criminal courts charge) in addition to a number of other payments. The charges range from £150 (guilty plea to summary only offence) to £1,200 (conviction at […]

Deport first, appeal later–the effects of the Immigration Bill explained


Deport first, appeal later is part of the current strategy to cut net migration. As set out in the Immigration Bill 2015-16, the rule has been extended to all immigration appeals and judicial reviews, including where a so-called family life is involved, apart from asylum claims. By radically changing and reducing appeal rights, the Government hopes […]