Law and the ‘illegals’: reforming UK immigration detention

Immigration Detention

The UK has the largest immigration detention estate in Europe, with approximately 30,000 individuals being detained under immigration powers over the course of the last year. The vast majority of detainees are held in Immigration Removal Centres (IRCs), however detainees can be held in a number of different locations including prisons, and even less satisfactorily, […]

Calais migrant crisis—what are the human rights obligations of member states?

As the Calais migrant crisis continues, Greg Ó Ceallaigh, barrister at Garden Court Chambers, explains the human rights obligations of member states involved. There were previously human rights concerns around Sangatte, are we returning to those times? Known for its horrific conditions, the original Sangatte camp was closed in 2002 by, former President of France, […]

Mothers Confined (part 3) | Lead by example: transforming rehabilitation

Transforming rehabilitation

Transforming Rehabilitation (TR) has been offered as a way in which women in the Criminal Justice System (CJS) “will have increased access to support services”. Prior to the many women who were incarcerated pre-TR and would be released from prison without supervision, will now – regardless of whether they have served one day or 12 […]

Examining the new Criminal Procedure Rules 2015


How have the new Criminal Procedure Rules 2015 (Crim PR 2015) restated or amended previous legislation? Previous legislation on Criminal Procedure Rules is replaced with new and consolidated rules. The new legislation includes new rules on the duty of parties to criminal proceedings, pre-trial hearings in the Crown Court, and the circumstances in which a […]