Untangling the spider’s web: Evans at the Supreme Court

Prince Charles

by Dr Ashley Savage On Friday, 27th March, the Supreme Court handed down a decision which will be as much of interest to public lawyers as information rights practitioners alike. Evans, a journalist for the Guardian newspaper utilised the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 to seek the disclosure […]

Vaginal piercings have always been FGM


by Felicity Gerry QC In the UK some women choose to have their clitoris pierced to enhance their sexual pleasure. Recent headlines in the UK announced that vaginal piercings are now being classed as female genital mutilation (FGM) under new NHS guidelines. The truth is that vaginal piercings have always fallen within the definition of FGM but […]

Three-parent babies: the legal and ethical issues

Mitochondrial Donations

by Seamus Burns The House of Lords recently voted on mitochondrial donation (with 280 peers voting in favour and 48 being opposed to it). This signals the green light for the ethically controversial use of mitochondrial donation to create so-called ‘three-parent’ embryos, which for many represents a hugely welcome Parliamentary step to facilitate scientists preventing […]

Advising witnesses on the defence case: what are the issues?

Witness in court

by Dan Bunting Introduction The CPS have recently been running a consultation entitled “Speaking to Witnesses at Court”. The consultation period ended on Monday 16th March, and we await their response. The proposals The proposals are a mixture of minor changes that could be considered to be common sense, and some extremely controversial proposals. Giving […]