In‘vest’ing in crime fighting technology: accountability versus privacy rights

Police Cameras

The London Met has recently indicated that officers will be fitted with body cameras. Other wearable technology such as wi-fi enabled clothing that allows real-time tracking, vital sign monitoring and constant communications is being trialled in the US. So what impact is wearable technology likely to have on police safety, effective crime fighting, and reliability […]

Is Miliband’s senate built on rocky foundations

Miliband's senate

James Hand Ed Miliband announced at the start of the month that “the House of Lords should be replaced with an elected Senate that properly represents the towns, cities, regions and nations that make up the United Kingdom”. This has come in for some arguably unfair criticism, not least for the apparent hypocrisy of proposing […]

Human rights guidance for lawyers – is it necessary?

Lady Justice

By Barry Fletcher On 23 October 2014, the International Bar Association (IBA) Business and Human Rights Working Group released draft guidance for bar associations and business lawyers on the implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (the Guiding Principles). The Guiding Principles, which were endorsed by the UN Human Rights Council […]

Holiday pay – life after the EAT judgment

Holiday Pay 2

By Julie Taylor, Associate Gardner Leader Last week, amid much media excitement, the Employment Appeal Tribunal handed down its judgment in the conjoined cases of Bear Scotland v Fulton, Amec v Law & Hertel v Woods. All three cases were appealing against the decisions of employment tribunals who determined that the calculating “normal remuneration” for […]

Female offenders have been failed agrees Hughes at prison event

Simon Hughes

By Rachel Buchanan This is the “end of line as far as talk is concerned” concluded Felicity Gerry QC, bringing the interesting, illuminating and varied panel discussion to an end last night, challenging Simon Hughes MP to seize this opportunity to make his mark and make a real difference to women offenders. “When they ask […]