Scottish Referendum – implications for immigration law

Scottish referendum flag

How could immigration law be affected by an independent Scotland? Immigration law could be significantly changed in an independent Scotland. The UK government has a published intention to reduce net migration whereas the Scottish Government has indicated that Scotland would need to increase skilled migration. This could potentially lead to an independent Scotland adopting a […]

Scottish Referendum – implications for employment law


How could employment law be affected by an independent Scotland? Aside from the need to monitor and assess changes in legislation and update and advise clients accordingly, which is routine for solicitors, there may be the need for other business-related advice, depending on how clients react to a Yes vote. One key issue for employment […]

Maternity leave: a fair deal for returning mothers?


Six out of ten mothers think their careers were “derailed” and they faced open discrimination after becoming pregnant, new research by Slater & Gordon has revealed. What laws are already in place to protect mothers returning to the workplace? A mother who returns to work at the end of, or within her ordinary maternity leave […]

Domestic abuse: how to tackle non-violent control


Those who abuse their partners through coercive and controlling behaviour, such as depriving them of money, could face prison under a proposed new offence. The government is seeking views on whether a specific, non-violent domestic abuse offence will help tackle the problem by making police take the crime more seriously and showing perpetrators and victims […]