War & peace: the importance of applying the rule of law to the military

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by Philip Evans QC & Tom Coke-Smyth The news last month that Public Interest Lawyers, the firm which brought a host of discredited cases alleging abuse by British serviceman in Iraq, is to be wound up has been met with applause by the press and service community. These claims culminated in the Al Sweady Inquiry which considered […]

Drones: flightpath to the future?

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by Joseph Dalby & Ruhi Sethi Drones are rapidly being seen as a feature of the near future, because of the dramatic rise in their private use in the UK. Suddenly, anyone can ‘get into’ aviation, resulting in reported near misses with bigger aircraft and hyper-sensitivity to nefarious misuse. The principal concerns surrounding private drone use […]

Defending public interest lawyers

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by Steve Hynes After months of rumours that staff were leaving the firm and that its founder Phil Shiner was buckling under of the pressure, Public Interest Lawyers (PIL) has announced its closure. The final nail in the coffin, it seems, was the announcement by the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) that it was terminating the […]

Brexit: are EU Citizens in limbo?

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by Dan Bunting “Brexit means Brexit”, or so says our new Prime Minister. Sadly, it is almost certainly not as simple as that. The UK has voted for Brexit, but which Brexit? In mid August 2016 Gisela Stuart MP, one of the few Labour MPs who was in the ‘Leave’ camp, announced her concern that […]