Sexual violence against men in conflict zones: HLE Policy Paper


Read the policy paper here   A recent study of international human rights law by the University of California Law School found that while there are well over one hundred uses of the term “violence against women” (defined to include sexual violence), no human rights instruments explicitly address sexual violence against men. The use in some […]

A Critical Consideration of the Director of Public Prosecutions Guidelines in Relation to Assisted Suicide Prosecutions and their Application to the Law

Assisted suicide 3

Click here to view our policy paper The Suicide Act 1961 changed the law under which it had been a crime for a person to commit suicide. Assisted suicide remains illegal under s 2 of the Act.  Whilst a person may refuse medical treatment even though that refusal would result in her death, she cannot […]

Employment vetting: are we nearly there yet?


Employment vetting: are we nearly there yet? Click here to view our policy paper Getting the employment vetting system right is a challenge for both lawyers and politicians.  Extremely difficult policy considerations are laden with legal complexities. Serious human consequences can arise from inadequacies and inequalities in the system. The task is further complicated by […]


International environmental problems are in a legal lacuna; is an international court for the environment now an imperative? The Copenhagen Accord – hard-won but not legally binding – failed to address the effects of environmental damage and it seems unlikely that the next UN Climate conference in Cancún, Mexico, in November, will yield any further progress. The potential […]