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[ 15 Oct 2012 | Comments Off ]
Sexual violence against men in conflict zones: HLE Policy Paper

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A recent study of international human rights law by the University of California Law School found that while there are well over one hundred uses of the term “violence against women” (defined to include sexual violence), no human rights instruments explicitly address sexual violence against men. The use in some instruments of the term “gender-based violence”, which should in theory focus attention on violence against both genders, is in practice used solely in relation to violence against women.
So human rights advocacy work for men must rely on …

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[ 26 Jan 2012 | 2 Comments ]
A Critical Consideration of the Director of Public Prosecutions Guidelines in Relation to Assisted Suicide Prosecutions and their Application to the Law

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The Suicide Act 1961 changed the law under which it had been a crime for a person to commit suicide.
Assisted suicide remains illegal under s 2 of the Act.  Whilst a person may refuse medical treatment even though that refusal would result in her death, she cannot ask another to take her life or assist her in doing so without exposing that person to a criminal prosecution.
Following the House of Lords’ judgment in the Debbie Purdy case, the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) issued …

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[ 11 May 2011 | Comments Off ]
Employment vetting: are we nearly there yet?

Employment vetting: are we nearly there yet?

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Getting the employment vetting system right is a challenge for both lawyers and politicians.  Extremely difficult policy considerations are laden with legal complexities. Serious human consequences can arise from inadequacies and inequalities in the system.
The task is further complicated by an outmoded legal framework open to abuse by unscrupulous employers.  This prevents a fair balance from being struck between the key policy concerns of individual fairness, rehabilitation and protection of the vulnerable.
The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (the …

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[ 11 May 2011 | Comments Off ]

International environmental problems are in a legal lacuna; is an international court for the environment now an imperative?
The Copenhagen Accord – hard-won but not legally binding – failed to address the effects of environmental damage and it seems unlikely that the next UN Climate conference in Cancún, Mexico, in November, will yield any further progress. The potential effects of climate change therefore remain in sharp focus, especially so as existing international legal obligations for the control of greenhouse gas emissions, accepted by most developed nations except the USA, will cease to apply after …

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[ 11 May 2011 | Comments Off ]

Missed Opportunities:  did the UK miss a significant opportunity to implement important improving reforms in the recent re-write of its companies’ legislation? Should it now be making further advances; parting with old traditions in favour of supporting modern corporate practices?
Last year, the number of UK corporate insolvencies hit a ten year high; the pressing need to revisit the question of whether UK insolvency procedures are adequate has never been clearer. This Policy Paper asks whether the UK needs to heed the direction corporate reform has taken in South Africa and …