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Post Brexit Hate Crimes

by Jon Robins As the party faithful gathered in Birmingham earlier this month, one Tory MP wasn’t going to take any lessons from a Strasbourg-based watchdog over their concerns about a rise in … [Read More...]


Can we safeguard access to justice?

Halsbury’s Law Exchange today releases its state of the nation report on legal aid and litigants in person. Entitled “Can we safeguard access to Justice" this report is released in advance of the forthcoming Halsbury's Law Exchange Debate on 22nd September: The future of legal aid and litigants in … [Read More...]

Drug driving

Drug driving: how has new legislation been working?

Caroline Dunne examines how new legislation to tackle drug driving has been working In March 2015 new legislation was introduced to specifically tackle drug driving. Prior to that date it had been an offence to drive a vehicle whilst unfit to do so through drink or drugs and this offence remains. … [Read More...]

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Drones: flightpath to the future?

by Joseph Dalby & Ruhi Sethi Drones are rapidly being seen as a feature of the near future, because of the dramatic rise in their private use in the UK. Suddenly, anyone can ‘get into’ aviation, resulting in reported near misses with bigger aircraft and hyper-sensitivity to nefarious … [Read More...]