Prison Cell

No automatic early release for Scottish prisoners

by John Scott QC This has been a busy time for those with an interest in penal reform. As crime rates drop, mass-incarcerators like the USA (and some much closer to home) are trying to work out how to reduce prisoner numbers and rates of imprisonment. The subject has even engaged the attention of … [Read More...]

Onlince Courts

Online courts: type “J” for “Judge”

by Matt Seys-Llewellyn Whenever I read stories about IT and the courts system I often get a funny sense of déjà vu (or perhaps copy and paste) but this week I read something that was more genuinely radical. The Civil Justice Council’s Advisory Group on Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) have … [Read More...]

Revenge porn - Dan

Revenge porn: will the new laws make any difference?

by Dan Bunting Amidst much fanfare, “revenge porn”: the posting online of sexually explicit photographs of videos of someone without their consent (usually by an ex partner), was stated by the media as being made illegal on 12th February 2015. I say stated because while the headlines indicated … [Read More...]

Internet ASBOs

Internet ASBOs for hate crimes: what are the challenges?

by Lyndon Harris In the struggle against internet trolls, cyber bullying and the general way in which the advent of the internet has caused problems for the criminal law, over the weekend the latest idea to combat the evils of the internet appeared: Internet ASBOs. Quite aside from the fact … [Read More...]