Examining the new Criminal Procedure Rules 2015

How have the new Criminal Procedure Rules 2015 (Crim PR 2015) restated or amended previous legislation? Previous legislation on Criminal Procedure Rules is replaced with new and consolidated rules. The new legislation includes new rules on the duty of parties to criminal proceedings, pre-trial … [Read More...]

Disinheriting children

Ilott -v- Mitson: how will it affect future claims on Wills?

No one can have avoided the recent publicity surrounding the case of Ilott -v- Mitson (2015). The case concerned the estate of the late Melita Jackson who died in 2004 and her estranged daughter Heather. Heather hadn't been in touch with her mother since she left home at 17, 26 years previously, and … [Read More...]

Mothers confined

Mothers Confined (part 2) | Time for action

It is plain that across the board there is a desire for change in relation to women and criminal justice. Many examples exists of wonderful, creative, worthwhile and even evidently successful projects in relation to diverting women away from custody and improving conditions for women who lose their … [Read More...]