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The children of parents in prison: who cares?

A 2005 study found that 66% of imprisoned women are mothers of children under the age of 18. Twenty-two per cent have children under the age of five (Liebling, A. and Maruna, S. The effects of imprisonment (Willan, 2006)). More recently the Ministry of Justice has estimated that between 24% and 31% … [Read More...]


Abolition of the Criminal Courts Charge: a welcome move

Why has the government decided to abolish the Criminal Courts Charge? Shula de Jersey, Principal Lawyer at Slater and Gordon (UK) LLP, explores the controversial measure and explains the events that led to its abolition. What changes are being made to the Criminal Courts Charge? Earlier this … [Read More...]

“Sexting” damages case: the legal issues

The award of damages to a victim of 'sexting' grabbed the attention of the media on at the beginning of December 2015. Given that the judgment appears to have been delivered in September 2015, it isn't clear why it had not made it in to the news until this week, but such is the way of the media … [Read More...]