Unjust Kingdom: why legal aid cuts require action and innovation

Unjust Kingdom

By Jayesh Kunwardia In a debate, held on 10 December 2015 (Human Rights Day), Lord Howarth of Newport succinctly summarised the consequences of the legal aid cuts as a; “denial of access to justice, human suffering, failure to achieve the intended savings, and damage to the legal profession.” The debate, and accompanying library briefing, was […]

Keir Starmer’s call for a “Victims’ Law” – all heart and no substance

Keir Starmer Victims' Law

By Felicity Gerry “From a victim’s point of view, our justice system is hardly fit for purpose.. “What is needed is a fundamental rethink, leading to a specific and legally enforceable Victims’ Law, alongside a real and radical shift in attitude and approach.” So wrote former DPP Sir Kier Starmer QC in an article for […]

Criminal lawyers' strike action – in their own words

legal aid strike action

By Rebecca Carter Today an unprecedented event in English legal history is unfolding as thousands of criminal barristers and solicitors gather en masse outside our criminal courts in protest against legal aid and fees cuts. Demonstrations are being held outside courts in a number of cities throughout England and Wales as concerns and anger over […]