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[ 4 Feb 2014 | Comments Off ]
Keir Starmer’s call for a “Victims’ Law” – all heart and no substance

By Felicity Gerry
“From a victim’s point of view, our justice system is hardly fit for purpose.. “What is needed is a fundamental rethink, leading to a specific and legally enforceable Victims’ Law, alongside a real and radical shift in attitude and approach.”
So wrote former DPP Sir Kier Starmer QC in an article for the Guardian yesterday in which he proposed a “Victims’ Law”.
He set out how hard it is for victims of crime, particularly sexual and violent crime, to report their suffering and to go through the court process.
However, he …

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[ 6 Jan 2014 | Comments Off ]
Criminal lawyers’ strike action – in their own words

By Rebecca Carter
Today an unprecedented event in English legal history is unfolding as thousands of criminal barristers and solicitors gather en masse outside our criminal courts in protest against legal aid and fees cuts.
Demonstrations are being held outside courts in a number of cities throughout England and Wales as concerns and anger over the proposed £220m cuts to legal aid reach fever pitch.
Statistics published by the Ministry of Justice ahead of today’s action on barrister fee income has only served to stoke the fire.
It is the first time that such action has …

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[ 12 Jun 2013 | One Comment ]
Warning: CPS keep victim appeals in house

By Felicity Gerry
There is a new independent Assessor (Stephen Shaw) for non-legal complaints made about the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) but not for the legal ones – how very odd! It was recently reported that victims of crime will be able to “win the right” to appeal against decisions by the CPS not to charge suspects and there is a consultation which is open until the 5th of September 2013. It has a mnemonic “VRR” which stands for a “Victim’s Right to Review”.
Gone are the days, we are led to …

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[ 3 Jun 2013 | Comments Off ]
Criminal law updates – May round-up

By Lyndon Harris
Legal Aid demo
Chris Grayling and his Ministry of Justice colleagues are plotting to decimate legal aid and generally destroy the criminal justice system. Unsurprisingly, the legal profession are not taking this lying down.
Here are some blogs exploring the issues, and (should you need convincing) explaining why you should care about the justice system in the UK. After all, it could be you who is wrongly accused of a crime, perhaps you accidently hit a pedestrian in your car, or maybe you act in self-defence but the police decide …

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[ 13 May 2013 | One Comment ]
Does the need for sensation justify the public’s right to be informed?

By Lucy Corrin
The need for sensation alone has placed Jimmy Tarbuck’s name in the press for being questioned regarding an alleged sexual offence dating back to the 1970s. Jimmy Tarbuck is one of a seemingly never-ending stream of household names being questioned regarding historic sexual offences. Jimmy Tarbuck has merely been questioned. We do not know what the evidence is against him but we know it is insufficient at present to sustain a criminal charge. Why then are we even aware of this story?
The bedrock of our criminal justice system …