Tackling child abuse: is mandatory reporting the answer?

Child abuse

By Declan O’Dempsey Former Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer QC, has called for an overhaul of the law concerning safeguarding children. In a previous post I considered the current legislation and whether it goes far enough. I concluded that there is a need for a more general duty to have due regard to the […]

Abu Hamza – the ten-year battle

Abu Qatada

By Dan Bunting To nobody’s surprise Abu Hamza was convicted on 19 May 2014 of 11 terrorism-related counts by a New York City federal jury. As wide as Halsbury’s Law Exchange remit is, it doesn’t extend to US criminal law, so we won’t be considering the actual terms of the trial and conviction that will […]

What can we learn from drug courts?

Drug courts

By Gillian McIvor (Interviewed by Natasha Mellersh) Why were drug courts set up? The introduction of drug courts in the UK has followed a slightly different trajectory to other jurisdictions, where drug courts filled an important gap in the range of community-based sanctions available to the courts to deal with drug-related crime. In the UK […]

Knife crime sentencing – let’s cut the politics

Knife crime

By Lyndon Harris Chris Grayling announced an intention to amend the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill to include a provision providing for a six-month minimum sentence for a second knife-related offence. This was met with opposition from Grayling’s Liberal coalition partners (more of which later). Sentencing has long been an area ripe for political point […]