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[ 24 Mar 2014 | Comments Off ]
Right to privacy: can we really trust Google Glass?

By David Cook
It is difficult to have missed the hype surrounding Google Glass (referred to simply as “Glass”), not only because of its futuristic technological capabilities and design, but also the concerns it raises for an individual’s Art 8 right to privacy.
Glass is, relatively speaking, inconspicuous. The camera enables the wearer, simply by voice command, to take photographs or record videos and upload these to the internet much more quickly and covertly than would be the case with a camera or smartphone. The difference between the technologies is three-fold:

It is …

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[ 18 Apr 2013 | 2 Comments ]
Proposed reforms undermine the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974

By Lucy Corrin
Imagine you are a middle-aged man with a young family looking to change career to work as a primary school teacher. When you were 12 you took a chocolate bar from a shop. You learnt a salutary lesson and never repeated this isolated error of judgment. Is it right that your prospective employer should be told this? Well, whilst the Government thought your prospective employer should be forewarned, the Court of Appeal disagreed. The Court of Appeal, in R(T) & Others v Greater Manchester was critical of the …

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[ 21 Nov 2012 | Comments Off ]
Data protection: getting the “one stop shop” principle to work

By Eduardo Ustaran
Going all the way to the Rio de la Plata to discuss the content of the future European data protection framework seems a little over the top, but the recent International Privacy Commissioners’ Conference in Punta del Este, Uruguay provided a perfect forum as a neutral ground for a fierce policy debate. Surrounded by equally fierce winds and rain for added dramatic effect, regulators and other influential stakeholders in the privacy world locked horns in the most constructive possible way for three days to make the most of …

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[ 18 May 2012 | Comments Off ]
Clarifying cookie consent

By Eduardo Ustaran
Three years have gone by since the European Parliament shocked and awed everyone by tweaking the e-privacy directive and introducing the most controversial word in the data protection glossary – consent – in the provision that deals with Internet cookies. 
The debate that followed immediately afterwards about the meaning of consent and whether it will ever be realistic to get everyone using the web to comprehend, consider and positively accept the use of cookies is still ongoing. 
Much has been said, written and argued about this subject in the past …

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[ 18 Apr 2012 | Comments Off ]
Mission: interoperability

By Eduardo Ustaran
Obama gets it. Viviane Reding gets it. This is indeed a defining moment to get our public policies right in terms of global data protection and privacy. Ignore the human and social implications of the exploitation of personal data and we will lose forever the right to privacy and possibly our freedom. Be too overprotective with one of our greatest assets of our time and we will definitely block progress and prosperity. The stakes are really that high. That was the key underlying message of the recent EU-US …