Examining the new Criminal Procedure Rules 2015


How have the new Criminal Procedure Rules 2015 (Crim PR 2015) restated or amended previous legislation? Previous legislation on Criminal Procedure Rules is replaced with new and consolidated rules. The new legislation includes new rules on the duty of parties to criminal proceedings, pre-trial hearings in the Crown Court, and the circumstances in which a […]

Right to privacy: can we really trust Google Glass?

Google Glass privacy

By David Cook It is difficult to have missed the hype surrounding Google Glass (referred to simply as “Glass”), not only because of its futuristic technological capabilities and design, but also the concerns it raises for an individual’s Art 8 right to privacy. Glass is, relatively speaking, inconspicuous. The camera enables the wearer, simply by […]

Clarifying cookie consent


By Eduardo Ustaran Three years have gone by since the European Parliament shocked and awed everyone by tweaking the e-privacy directive and introducing the most controversial word in the data protection glossary – consent – in the provision that deals with Internet cookies.  The debate that followed immediately afterwards about the meaning of consent and […]