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[ 7 Feb 2014 | One Comment ]
Fracking – “not under my backyard!”

By Ben Du Feu
Fracking and the myriad of legal, economic, environmental and political issues surrounding the controversial extraction method look set to take prominent place in the regulatory discourse of 2014.
As energy companies gear up to gain the necessary consents and licences, landowners are voicing their opposition to many of the proposed projects. “Not under my backyard” may become common parlance in Sussex and Lincolnshire – and across the country.
Landowners in the Sussex Downs National Park have written to Celtique Energie (the privately owned oil and gas exploration company) and …

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[ 26 Oct 2012 | Comments Off ]
Italian earthquake manslaughter ruling: should we jail scientists for failed predictions?

By Simon Hetherington
If you type the word “seismologist” or “earthquake” into any decent search engine, you will get, as you would expect, a mass of hits on science-based websites. This week, you will also get a good number on legally-focussed sites. Almost as much as the scientific community, the legal community is shocked by the jailing of Italian scientists this week, for their failure correctly to predict an earthquake which killed about 300 people. (In point of fact, the Italian system allows for two appeals before sentence is implemented, so …

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[ 2 Feb 2012 | Comments Off ]
The solar panel challenge

By Stephen Hockman
The government’s attempt to move forward the date for a reduction in subsidies for households with solar panel installations is concerning, both in legal terms and for the future of renewable energy. The Court of Appeal’s judgment on 25 January 2012 reassuringly blocked the government’s endeavours, but with the intention of the government to appeal to the Supreme Court, the legal battle continues.
The most concerning factors relevant to this appeal are its lawfulness and the lasting effects a successful outcome for the government would have had, and may …

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[ 9 Dec 2011 | Comments Off ]
Access to justice in environmental cases

By Stephen Hockman

The Government’s Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill has now reached the House of Lords, and had its second reading on Monday 21 November.  Its aim was described by the Justice Minister, Lord McNally, as “nothing less than intelligent, radical reform of the justice system”.  The purpose of this blog is to highlight one aspect of the justice system that is certainly in need of intelligent and maybe radical reform.  Unfortunately, the kind of reform which the Government has in mind, in this category of case …

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[ 28 Mar 2011 | 2 Comments ]
Green tax

By Neasa MacErlean
As we await the next Finance Bill, people with a green disposition have every right to feel impatient about the lack of progress on environmental taxation. The recent Budget followed the example of its predecessors in neglecting the area. In fact, with its help for motorists it set back the cause. Or am I being unfair?
If the UK is going to reduce its emissions it will have to create new tax laws to change behaviour. At the moment there is only a handful of specifically green taxes – …