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[ 24 Mar 2014 | No Comment ]
Right to privacy: can we really trust Google Glass?

By David Cook
It is difficult to have missed the hype surrounding Google Glass (referred to simply as “Glass”), not only because of its futuristic technological capabilities and design, but also the concerns it raises for an individual’s Art 8 right to privacy.
Glass is, relatively speaking, inconspicuous. The camera enables the wearer, simply by voice command, to take photographs or record videos and upload these to the internet much more quickly and covertly than would be the case with a camera or smartphone. The difference between the technologies is three-fold:

It is …

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[ 19 Feb 2014 | 2 Comments ]
Whole life appeal – not quite a “victory” over Strasbourg

By Lyndon Harris
On 18 February 2014, a specially constituted five-judge Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) handed down its judgment in the latest (but not necessarily the last) round of the Westminster vs Strasbourg battle over whole life tariffs.
Much has been written already about the effect of the judgment. Some of it of questionable accuracy, quality and usefulness (the linked to article having originally confused the EU and the ECtHR).
This article will attempt to provide a concise summary of the issues and effect of the judgment.
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A summary of the issues …

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[ 12 Feb 2014 | 3 Comments ]
EU uncertainty – the impact on migrants in the UK

By David Brannan
Recently I have seen an increase in EU nationals enquiring about becoming British. I always ask the client why they feel the need (given the extensive rights that EU law secures) to move between EU states. The invariable answer is a fear that Britain will leave the EU.
With the promise of a referendum on EU membership, renegotiation of the EU’s treaties and increasing hostility amongst mainstream political parties to immigration, it is not surprising that they have such fears. The interesting question is: are they justified?
Rights under EU …

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[ 5 Feb 2014 | Comments Off ]
Amanda Knox and the politics of extradition

By Merry Neal
Last week the Florence appeals court found Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito guilty of the murder of Meredith Kercher in a unanimous verdict. Adding to the considerable drama of this case, Sollecito was apprehended close to the border of Austria last Friday, although he denies that he was attempting to flee.
The pair were sentenced to 28 years and 6 months, and 25 years imprisonment respectively. Ms Knox received a higher sentence as she was additionally found guilty of falsely accusing Patrick Lumumba of the crime.
History of the Italian …

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[ 3 Feb 2014 | Comments Off ]
Whole life sentences – the issues before the Court of Appeal

By Lyndon Harris
On 24 January 2014, a five-judge Court of Appeal sat to hear the latest in the legal-political battle between London and Strasbourg.
The Court heard three conjoined appeals on the issue of whether or not a whole life tariff was capable of being imposed in light of the decision by the ECtHR in Vinter and Others v UK (Applications nos. 66069/09, 130/10 and 3896/10).
Life sentences 
When a life sentence is imposed, the court is usually required to set a minimum term, which must be served. At the expiration of the …