Delfi – the threat to freedom of expression online

Freedom of expression 1

By David Cook The case concerning Delfi AS, the Estonian online news site, has the potential to be one of the most important cases relating to the responsibilities of internet publishers in the increasing digital era and to re-shape the way in which, and by whom, content is shared electronically. The origins of this case […]

Supreme Court clarifies effect of deportation orders on indefinite leave


By Patrick Lewis (interviewed by Robert Matthews) What key issue did the case raise? The case  R (on the application of George) v SSHD raised the issue of whether someone’s indefinite leave to remain in the UK, which was invalidated by a deportation order, remains invalid if the deportation order is revoked. This is most succinctly stated […]

Abu Hamza – the ten-year battle

Abu Qatada

By Dan Bunting To nobody’s surprise Abu Hamza was convicted on 19 May 2014 of 11 terrorism-related counts by a New York City federal jury. As wide as Halsbury’s Law Exchange remit is, it doesn’t extend to US criminal law, so we won’t be considering the actual terms of the trial and conviction that will […]

Cheshire West: liberate social policy from the influence of human rights

Cheshire West

By Jon Holbrook Social policy towards those without capacity changed on 19 March 2014. It changed not as a result of a public discussion about the issue but because of a judgment given by the Supreme Court – Cheshire West [2014] UKSC 19. The change was not preceded by a Royal Commission, Green Paper, debate in […]