Cheshire West: liberate social policy from the influence of human rights

Cheshire West

By Jon Holbrook Social policy towards those without capacity changed on 19 March 2014. It changed not as a result of a public discussion about the issue but because of a judgment given by the Supreme Court – Cheshire West [2014] UKSC 19. The change was not preceded by a Royal Commission, Green Paper, debate in […]

Abortion counselling – why statutory regulation is needed

abortion counselling

By Michelle Heeley Abortion is an emotive subject, regardless of political persuasion. It is one of the few issues that genuinely has the ability to polarise opinion, with neither side likely to be persuaded to the other’s point of view. Fortunately this country has not yet gone down the American route with abortion being played […]

Pulling back the curtain of privacy in family and Court of Protection proceedings

family and court of protection guidelines

By Lucy Reed New guidance on transparency in proceedings has been published by the President of the Family Division and of the Court of Protection, Sir James Munby. The two sets of guidance entitled “Transparency in the Family Courts: Publication of Judgments” and “Transparency in the Court of Protection: Publication of Judgments” come into force […]