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[ 9 Oct 2013 | Comments Off ]
Home Office launch National Crime Agency – just a rebrand?

By Lyndon Harris
The NCA began its work this week, just over two years after it was announced. Taking over from SOCA – the Serious Organised Crime Agency – it is the latest incarnation of the body responsible for tackling “serious, organised crime”.
Prior to SOCA (which only came into being in 2006), there existed the NCIS (National Crime Intelligence Service) and the NCS (National Crime Squad). Can you see a pattern? SOCA’s reputation was by no means awful but it had its critics, more of which, below.
The critics
Labour – predictably – …

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[ 19 Sep 2013 | Comments Off ]
Stop and search: it does matter if you’re black or white

By Lucy Corrin
A troubling report co-authored by the London School of Economics and Release was published this week and shows that drug policing is the predominant purpose in the use of stop and search with black people stopped and searched for drugs at 6.3 times the rate of white people. In addition, black people are more likely to receive a harsher police response for possession of drugs.
This huge disparity confirms that little has changed over the last decade and, unfortunately, prejudice still pervades our police forces. In 2009/10, Release concludes …

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[ 13 Jun 2013 | 2 Comments ]
Keeping knives off the streets – British justice style

By David Allan
Why don’t the courts have a specific power to order forfeiture of a knife from someone convicted of carrying it in public without good reason?
Secondly, can anyone tell me why it is, that if someone is convicted of carrying an offensive weapon (eg a knuckle-duster, baseball bat with a nail through it, that kind of thing) without reasonable excuse in public the court may order forfeiture of it, however, should that same person instead be convicted of threatening someone with a similar offensive weapon, there is no such …

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[ 3 Jun 2013 | Comments Off ]
Criminal law updates – May round-up

By Lyndon Harris
Legal Aid demo
Chris Grayling and his Ministry of Justice colleagues are plotting to decimate legal aid and generally destroy the criminal justice system. Unsurprisingly, the legal profession are not taking this lying down.
Here are some blogs exploring the issues, and (should you need convincing) explaining why you should care about the justice system in the UK. After all, it could be you who is wrongly accused of a crime, perhaps you accidently hit a pedestrian in your car, or maybe you act in self-defence but the police decide …

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[ 13 May 2013 | One Comment ]
Whistleblowing – what’s in the public interest?

By Shonali Routray
Hardly a day goes by without whistleblowing being in the news. Just last month, two police officers were suspended in Cumbria for leaking information to the press about the expenses of an elected Police Commissioner. Last month, the Robert Francis Inquiry published its findings in to the high mortality rates at Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust, which found a culture of fear and silence throughout the organisation which discouraged staff from raising concerns about patient safety. According to research of the University of Greenwich, 80% of the public feel …