Prince Harry nude photos: press ethics and invasion of privacy

Prince Harry

By Simon Hetherington It is tempting to throw up one’s hands in exasperation. Risqué pictures of a celebrity appear in The Sun. What’s new? So the pictures apparently involve a member of the royal family – so the star quality of the celebrity is higher, but still, what’s new? We could quite easily add this […]

Employer Facebook stalking leaves Congress gawking and users squawking


By Charles Worthering, on behalf of In the US, many public and private employers are routinely asking job applicants for their Facebook passwords during job interviews and checking their profiles on the spot for content that might make them undesirable job candidates. The agencies/employers are not requesting login information but are asking applicants to […]

Clarifying cookie consent


By Eduardo Ustaran Three years have gone by since the European Parliament shocked and awed everyone by tweaking the e-privacy directive and introducing the most controversial word in the data protection glossary – consent – in the provision that deals with Internet cookies.  The debate that followed immediately afterwards about the meaning of consent and […]

Mission: interoperability

internet security

By Eduardo Ustaran Obama gets it. Viviane Reding gets it. This is indeed a defining moment to get our public policies right in terms of global data protection and privacy. Ignore the human and social implications of the exploitation of personal data and we will lose forever the right to privacy and possibly our freedom. […]